Stairlift, accessibility and comfort

A Staircase is one of the best options available, both to eliminate architectural barriers and to help climb and descend stairs comfortably for people with walking difficulties.

When we talk about a stair lift, we are referring to a chair or platform that moves by a guide or guides following the path of a staircase. The stair lift or stair climber is a very versatile element, since it adapts to virtually any type of staircase, from stairs with a few steps located at the entrance of some buildings, to stairs of several floors, with curves or intermediate landings (MONTASCALE PER ANZIANI).

Depending on the type of ladder to be saved, we could indicate that there are two groups of stair climbers, the stair lift for straight stair sections and the stair lift for sections of stairs with curves or slope changes.

The Stairlift or stair climber for straight sections of stairs, is the one used when the staircase to be saved is formed by a straight section of steps without any obstacle or intermediate landing. In this case, the guide or guides are usually standardized and the machine to be used does not require oversizing or special mechanisms since the slope to be saved is constant.
The Stairlift or stair climber for curved sections of stairs or with change of slope, is the one used in stair sections with curves, spiral staircases, with compensated steps or with one or more intermediate landings that vary the change of slope of the stair lift. In these cases the guide or guides may have to be made completely to measure to adapt to the ladder and the machine requires special mechanisms to save different inclinations and curves. Normally this stair climber has a higher power than that used in straight sections of stairs. As a result, the price of the curved stair lift is noticeably higher than the straight stair lift.
On the other hand, As for types of stair lifts we find the  stairlift and the  stairlift platforms.

Stairlift chair, safety and comfort

The stairlift chair is specially designed for the elderly or those with reduced mobility, who, even if they can walk, find it difficult to go up and down stairs.

This type of stair lift is a versatile solution that adapts to most stairs and locations . It is possible to install a stairlift in only a width of about 65 cm., Straight staircase, being 70 cm., For sections of curved stairs. On the other hand, the stairlift allows routes of up to 40 m. In length and is possible to install both inside buildings or homes and outside, since there are models specially designed for it.

As for installation, they are really quick to install so the inconvenience in this process will be minimal, in just a few hours the simplest short-distance models can be installed and in a few days the most complicated models can be installed.

On the other hand, this type of lifting chairs  allows its folding occupying a minimum space of stairs when not being used, in most models, counting the space of the guide, the staircase will only occupy about 40 cm.

The stair lift chair has operating controls that are fully adapted for elderly people and it is becoming more common that they are also equipped with remote controls for greater comfort.

Platform Staircase, accessibility

The stairlift platform is fully adapted for use by people traveling in wheelchairs, on the other hand, this type of lifting platform can also be adapted to a folding seat or stool, which will also allow the use of elderly or disabled people. mobility problems. In contrast and due to its greater size, this type of stair lift requires a minimum stair width of approximately one meter in the case of straight stairs and one meter ten centimeters in the case of curved stairs.

As in the case of the stair climbing chair, its installation is carried out quickly and cleanly, without the need for renovations or works on the stairs.