Fiber Optic Cable and Electrosmog


If the metallic sheath of a fiber optic cable is not grounded correctly, it may pick up the potentials of the terrain. The cable takes over any additional compensation currents, which then generate a magnetic field.

In public space

Glass fibers in public development are in principle unproblematic. The fiber optic cable with cable screen may only be earthed at the entrance to the building; otherwise it absorbs the potential of the terrain and thus causes compensation currents, which then generate a magnetic field and thus electrosmog.

Use and connections in the building

Fiber optic cable connections require a converter to transmit the signals to the devices. Such converters are all only equipped with a switching power supply and are never grounded. Such a converter (interface adapter) then generates on the likewise ungrounded devices, laptops, TV screens, printers without grounding plugs, routers, switches, and outgoing cables into the network very high broadband emissions that generate space-filling interference.

How to solve the problem?

In our advice, we make sure that leads, intelligently attached, dissipate all external radiation into the room.

Are you planning a project involving fiber optic cables? And are you not sure whether your electrician or executive craftsman correctly assesses electrosmog? Then contact Sopto, we will gladly advise you.

Fiber optic cables are often also called fiber optic cables, which is typically a composite of a plurality of optical fibers or optical fibers, with integrated mechanical reinforcement for the protection and stabilization of the individual fibers.